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1 the charge for stowing goods
2 a room in which things are stored [syn: storeroom, storage room]
3 the act of packing or storing away [syn: stowing]

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  1. A place where things are stowed.
    Accomodations were so poor I think we were in stowage, with the rest of the cargo.
  2. Things that are stowed.
    Our stowage disappeared down the chute, into the employee only cargo area, never to be seen again by man.
  3. Amount of room for storing things.
    The reduction in the ship's size naturally reduced her stowage.
  4. A charge for stowing and storage.
    We'll have to pay the stowage if we want our crate back.

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In naval architecture, stowage is the amount of room for storing materials on board a ship.

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